SEASONS by Stefan Meylaers & Tomás Ferrada

🎼 Discover “Seasons,” a mesmerizing musical collaboration between Stefan Meylaers and Tomás Ferrada, blending the enchanting world of cinematic music with the exhilarating energy of beatbox percussion. This extraordinary fusion of piano, strings, and dynamic soundscapes takes listeners on a captivating auditory journey.

🇧🇪🇨🇱 Hailing from Belgium and Chile, Stefan and Tomás bring their unique cultural backgrounds and musical talents to create a truly innovative and unforgettable experience. Their masterful blend of rich cinematic melodies with breathtaking beatbox rhythms transcends boundaries and showcases the limitless possibilities of creative collaboration.

🎧 Immerse yourself in the enthralling sounds of “Seasons” and let the stunning fusion of cinematic music and beatbox sweep you off your feet.

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