Homework is an uplifting, lofi/chill beat. The beat starts off with a calm piano and after a while hi-hats and snaps slowly come in. Then when the beat is about to drop you hear a cool bongo rhythm. After the beat drops one can hear a heavier bass with a synth flute and swingy drums. I love the melody chops combined with the open hi-hats that start at 1:03 it gives me happy vibes. In conclusion, I really recommend listening to this song when you are doing homework or when you are just chilling because the song is happy and really relaxing. For listeners of Sinnr, Milligon, Little Smokey

Listen here and more links: https://solo.to/patioticrecords

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Release Date : 21 de October de 2022
Artist : Lil Joke
Genre : LoFi