"Alioth": Mirai No Hagaki's Deep Space Ambient Odyssey

Kaus Borealis

Embarking on a serene cosmic journey, Milan-based multi-instrumentalist Mirai No Hagaki  is set to release his latest ambient work “Alioth.” This collection of eight tracks invites listeners to voyage through the deep space of their minds, offering an immersive blend of ambient sounds and soothing textures.

Crafted meticulously for focus, yoga, and introspection, each composition within “Alioth” promises to instill tranquility and induce deep thought. A superb companion for relaxation sessions, meditation, or simply to retreat from the bustling world, this album offers a sublime refuge for listeners seeking solace in music.

Ahead of the album’s full release, Mirai No Hagaki treats his listeners to three poignant singles: “Alioth,” “Copernicus,” and “Enif,” set to debut on May 19th, June 16th, and July 21st respectively. These compositions will subsequently feature in the highly anticipated album, set to arrive on August 25th.

For the audiophiles and seekers of an immersive auditory experience, “Alioth,” along with its accompanying singles, will be available in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music.

The forthcoming release of “Alioth” signifies Mirai No Hagaki’s continued evolution as an artist, bridging genres, and exploring uncharted auditory territories. A voyage into deep space awaits us all.

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