Our team

graphic design

Opas is the creative mind behind every art work on our record label. Anderson Vargas, artistically known as “Opas”, from Venezuela, dedicated to graphic art and music production in its purest senses, his artistic world is his perspective and way of seeing the world, dominating the collage area, illustration and animation.

Our team

pitching team

Mia and Al are part of the pitching team on Patiotic Records / GyroStream. They make their best to pitch your music to get those precious editorial placements. 

Our team

Team builder

Patricio Menis, is the head of Patiotic Records. He develops each one of the audiovisual pieces for the artists, he talks with them, he is always in constant search of new artists, alliances and improvements for the label. Tireless, he pursues the label’s success 24/7.