Project Rainforest
Jabbu - Meadow Grasshopper
sushileaf - canopy
Ses Flow - Oregon Pine
Vannorte - forest bloom
Ben Jammin Beats - Space Man
Dpsht & tenkousei - Chasing Pavements
Chiccote's Beats - Saturated Feelings
Taki Brano & Kid Strange - Times Like These
saltysøul - for the birds
Even Kicks - Changing Faces
Lyla Green - Flutified
ill.fitting - Sigmoid
Maoen - Natural Habitat
Naif - Wipeout
Mell-fi Music & lost.mindd - A New Path
Soulone Beats - Colours
Psylone - Jungle demise
icey wavs & Walden - Deamflum
Rix - Sherbert Sky
Damn Stargazers - Aloe in Autumn
r u steve - leaves in the wind
Puzzle Neptune - I_m a Believer
Flapjaques & SleepingShark - autumn fog
Simon F.R.E.S.H. - Løv
DANTAYA - Reminisce
mvnitou - Colibri
Icey Wavs - Treehouse
earfluvv - waterfull
Rigid Moods - Stardust
SeanBeats - Lotus

🌟 Three renowned record labels – Patiotic Records, Lakeside Collective, and Brunch Collect – are teaming up for an extraordinary cause: the Daintree Rainforest. 🌳🌏

Introducing “Project Rainforest,” a unique album 🎼 crafted by amazing artists, aiming to support Daintree Life’s mission of planting 500,000 trees 🌱🌴 in Australia’s oldest and most diverse ecosystem by 2030. 💚

A percentage of the royalties 💰 from this musical masterpiece will go directly to fund projects in the Daintree Forest, contributing to the preservation and restoration of this vital and vibrant World Heritage-listed area. 🌏🌳

Join us on this remarkable journey 🚀 to protect and revive the planet’s oldest living rainforest 🌿 .

🤝💫 Together, we can make a real difference for the Daintree and our shared future on this planet. 🌈🌎

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something truly special. 🌟 Pre-Save and Listen now and help us create a legacy of hope, growth, and unity for the Daintree Rainforest. 🌱🦜🎶

Let’s unite through the power of music and bring a brighter tomorrow for the Daintree! 🎵💚🌳