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Our Story

Patiotic Records begins in the restless mind of Patricio Menis, its creator, in order to support artists like him. Artists that generally do not have a stage and massive shows. It was then that Patiotic began to shape his great project, Patiotic Records. But it couldn’t be the same as everyone else, starting with improving the percentages for artists, possibilities for sync and licenses, image, diffusion and promotion. Everything that one expects from a record label and that is usually not delivered.

Patiotic Records focuses on LoFi, Downtempo, Instrumental and other music that doesn’t usually have stages.

Let’s Fly there!



Our commitment is to give ourselves completely to our artists. For that we work together with GyroStream, Real humans with real DSP (Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Amazon etc.) connections. We give all artists a genuine chance to be heard directly by curators. We offer our artists genuine commercial opportunities in our ever growing sync network. Have your music pitched for digital advertisements, video games, film as well as TV and other digital media. Everything for our artists feel the support they deserve.